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Stage equipment

Stage equipment

The most important supporting role on every stage

Scenery moves precisely into position, performers appear in the perfect light and the audience experiences an impressive performance. Behind all of this is precise and well thought-out stage equipment that can be relied upon in any situation.

Krause Bühnenbau knows the demands placed on high-quality stage equipment and takes great care to ensure that the most important supporting role is perfect on every stage – everytime and everywhere.

Stage curtains

Stage curtains

The gateway to great moments

The curtain opens once again, and once again the actors bow before the applauding audience – tomorrow the papers will say that the ensemble received “seven curtains calls”. If it wasn’t clear already, it now becomes evident that a stage curtain is much more than a piece of fabric. It is an emotional element of any production.

Krause Bühnenbau transforms several thousand square meters of fabric per year into impressive stage curtains and installs them in theatres, schools, cinemas, exhibition halls, city halls or multi-purpose halls - with attention to detail, professional technology and the awareness that only the perfect curtain can be a gateway to a great production.

Firm hold and good control with the curtain rails from Krause Bühnentechnik.

Curtain rails

Firm hold and good control.

Krause Bühnenbau uses various curtain rails that are adapted to different applications and have very special, unique features.